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On message boards and at conventions, there are fans asking, "Where is Wally?" So definitely, Didio and Johns know there are people who want to see Wally again.
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Yes, and going back to smart business vs. pettiness, here's another example: If I go into a McDonalds and say "Hey, I love your McRibwiches. I don't always see them all the time, though. When are you guys bringing back the McRibwich?"

the manager doesn't flip me off and say "The McRibwich sucks, buy a Big Mac."

That's basically what Didio's been doing when customers have expressed an interest in Wally West. People have expressed interest in that product, and rather than legitimize it, he tears it down. That makes no sense to me. It's his product! It certainly doesn't benefit DC comics to belittle their own products. It makes sense for fanboys to take a leak all over characters they're not fond of, but not the people who actually sell those characters.

I've seen a lot of professional pitchmen and editors at work in the comic industry, and the absolute greats are the ones who can get you totally excited about absolutely nothing. You can ask them about a completely esoteric character, like Darkhawk or somebody, and instead of saying "who cares about Darkhawk? We have no plans for Darkhawk. Stop asking about Darkhawk!" They will talk about him. They will tell you what they like about him. They will tell you that they'd love the opportunity to write about him some day. And even if they have no plans to write him that year, Darkhawk fans still walk away with a renewed interest in Darkhawk and the hope that there will be a Darkhawk book someday so that they can buy it. The way that Johns and Didio are writing and talking about Wally West, none of his fans walk away from conventions excited. None of them walk away with hope. When the first Wally West news for 2010 was "Barry's gonna be the only Flash you'll read about this year!" how could we?
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