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They do charge for bi-weekly and weekly shipping. A flat rate of $5.95.

DCBS charges the flat rate plus $5.95 a month for bi-weekly or the flat rate plus $11.95 a month for weekly shipping.

So if you want shipping more often than monthly DCBS is going to eat away your discount. I found with SciFiGenre (or BadgerComics) that I'm willing to eat some of the discount by going to bi-weekly shipping. I could save more by going monthly.
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Actually weekly shipping for DCBS comes out cheaper doesn't it? You are paying $17.90 for 4 shipments which is like 4.50 a shipment ( and around 3.50 for months with 5 weeks in them).

*Note - I am not arguing in favor of it since I only ship once a month myself to save money but seems to me that DCBS is higher discounted on shipping on weekly orders then the others if they are charging 5.95 a shipment.

EDIT - Also DCBS does not do bi-weekly shipping. . .they ship twice a month. I know it is almost the same things but the 5 week months kind of skew that.
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