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Actually weekly shipping for DCBS comes out cheaper doesn't it? You are paying $17.90 for 4 shipments which is like 4.50 a shipment ( and around 3.50 for months with 5 weeks in them).
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According to their website it states:

"Shipping for all orders is a flat rate of $5.95.

You may also have your books shipped twice a month or weekly in the United States. There is a $5.95 additional charge per month if you would like twice a month shipments. There is an $11.95 additional charge per month if you would like weekly shipments. These options are only available for orders containing books."

For a 4 week month:
It would be $5.95 * 4 = $23.80 + $11.95 = $35.75

I'm a bit confused where you got the $17.90? And by no means do I believe you are arguing. If anything, it just points out my poor writing abilities. If I explained it clearly there wouldn't be any questions, right?
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