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Fun stuff. I really enjoyed it. Dc should put out ads like that for their books.

Thanks, glad you liked it, BestBuy.

As far as your suggestion, I agree. If I owned and published a comic title, I'd animate previews for the book, using ONLY the artwork appearing within the book. As much as I appreciate a good animation, I don't think there's a market for "motion comics," but I do believe in the marketability of animated previews.

Could you imagine subscribing to your favorite book and a month before the next issue hit the stands, you received a 15-30 second, animated preview on your iPhone or computer? I think that would spread and become viral just as quickly as something like...a YouTube video about dancing cats, (nothing against singing cats, mind you). When I win the lottery and launch my own comic titles, I'll advertise them by animating previews across iPhones, Kindels, computers, etc.

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