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I love the Wordballoon conversations with Ethan Van Sciver. They are always just top notch.

This one was no exception, we got explanations for the delays on Flash Rebirth (the health problems he discussed on this very forum). Way to go on losing 40 pounds Ethan!

They talked about the process of designing Wally's costume, and how the final version was not the first version, and that all of Ethan's initial designs are going to be in the Flash: Rebirth Hardcover.

He talked about how he had a 2 step process to bringing back Impulse. One, by making Irey the new Impulse, because that is just adorable (and I completely agree), and 2 by making Bart look a little more Humberto Ramos-y, with a more round face and bigger feet, even though Ethan tries to draw every character as realistically as possible.

Geoff has plans for something special to happen with Jai down the line.

Oh, and Ethan would have loved to be the artist on the Kid Flash/Max Mercury series. That poured salt on all my fresh wounds.

If you don't listen to Wordballoon interviews, you should. Every week is a conversation between John Siuntres, the host, and some comic book creator. I listen to every one in which I am familiar with the guest and I have never been disappointed. Ethan Van Sciver interviews are the best of the best, because he is a hilarious man. You can download all the Wordballoon for free on iTunes.
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