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On this point, think of all those who started as Artist and then progressed to Co-ploter/Artist then to writer/artist combo (wish we had a term to respect that blending) and then writer with someone else drawing their stories. Some like Giffen has a step where someone Dialogues his breakdowns. I'm thinking off the top of my head of those like Grell, Miller, Truman, Byrne, etc.

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Yeah, they're all good examples.

EVS was talking about the shift in focus to artists in the 90s having since shifted back to writers in the past decade which, while not necessarily a bad thing, leaves many artists frustrated as they can be forgotten about in the storytelling process (giving artists dialogue heavy issues for example which is a lot of talking heads) so that artists are also looking to writing as a way to get a little more creative freedom.

He cites Scott Kolins' on Solomon Grundy and Tony Daniel on Batman as recent examples.
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