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Yeah, they're all good examples.

EVS was talking about the shift in focus to artists in the 90s having since shifted back to writers in the past decade which, while not necessarily a bad thing, leaves many artists frustrated as they can be forgotten about in the storytelling process (giving artists dialogue heavy issues for example which is a lot of talking heads) so that artists are also looking to writing as a way to get a little more creative freedom.

He cites Scott Kolins' on Solomon Grundy and Tony Daniel on Batman as recent examples.
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I do think the in the ideal world all comics would be done by one hand, but in reality that is not possible and many great stories would not have nor could happen. But I do think that the two elements need to be brought in general closer together. I guess this is where we need to ask are comics a visual form of literature or are they just a side branch of pulp fiction. I do believe that they can be more, but if the companies treat them as just a commodity then they will not be much - and the current artist for hire/generic house style artist universe/continuity obsessed status quo will be the dominate fixture.

Actually, I'd love to see EVS move towards things that are not so tied to a schedule - OGN, A plasticman Mini, perhaps - things were his attention to detail, his pacing and his ideas will be seen by all as a positive.

Going back to Grell for a moment - on the Warlord, Green Arrow and Jon Sable, I feel his strongest work is when he has both written and Drawn these. Where with Giffen - I think that he needs some collaboration to bring out his best. Hummm - a lot to think about...

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