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Things I found interesting:

Ethan sees Wally West as the Sir Lancelot to Barry Allen's King Arthur, and designed his uniform accordingly. His mask goes all the way down to his nose because it looks more like a knight's visor that way. His metal symbol also evokes the image of a hood ornament, because Keystone is known for their automobile production.

Professor Zoom's weapon is supposed to be a pointer, like the ones college professors use during lectures. He coated it in a fictional substance with the abbreviation MO₂Z. Reversing this abbreviation is where he originally got his name.

Ethan was the one who wanted a new Impulse, specifically one who is a hyperactive little girl. He suggested this idea to Geoff, and Geoff ran with it. He claims Geoff has plans for Jai down the line.

And of coarse, more Cyberfrog!
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