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Yeah, they're all good examples.

EVS was talking about the shift in focus to artists in the 90s having since shifted back to writers in the past decade which, while not necessarily a bad thing, leaves many artists frustrated as they can be forgotten about in the storytelling process (giving artists dialogue heavy issues for example which is a lot of talking heads) so that artists are also looking to writing as a way to get a little more creative freedom.

He cites Scott Kolins' on Solomon Grundy and Tony Daniel on Batman as recent examples.
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Creative freedom is great, but the 90's is not a good example of where comics need to be. Has the pendulum swung the other direction fro the writer? Of course, but not to the extreme the 90's did with the artists.

There's a nice balance right now I think. Yes, you have your books with tons of action, but there's also books with loads of talking heads. It's a great mix. It gives the reader lots of options now. To go back to the 90's way of artists in control is a major step backwards and would probably kill comics entirely.
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