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Creative freedom is great, but the 90's is not a good example of where comics need to be. Has the pendulum swung the other direction fro the writer? Of course, but not to the extreme the 90's did with the artists.

There's a nice balance right now I think. Yes, you have your books with tons of action, but there's also books with loads of talking heads. It's a great mix. It gives the reader lots of options now. To go back to the 90's way of artists in control is a major step backwards and would probably kill comics entirely.
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Sorry, I should have clarified. While EVS was saying the shift had moved to artists in the 90s and then back to writers in the 00s, he did point out that the shift to artists in the 90s was a bad thing as it went too far.

EVS also went on to say that while the shift has, perhaps, moved too far back into the writer's camp (which he state's isn't bad like the 90s artist shift) that he sees the coming decade as one where we can see a better balance of art and writing.
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