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Default Frivolous complaints about Blackest Night

Lots of us liked Blackest Night. Some of you didn't.
In the end, there are a lot of things a disinterested party would have to say that Geoff, Ivan, and DC did well, but there are certainly valid criticisms that could be made as well.

This is not the thread for valid criticisms.

This is the thread for silly, petty, fanboyish complaints that no one could or should take seriously.

Here are mine:

1. Where was Black Lantern Bob Hope? All of America was waiting to see one of our beloved entertainers and stars of stage, screen, and comics return as a homicidal zombie.
2. Why was Little Cheese not one of the characters resurrected by the white light? The rest of the Zoo Crew was restored to their proper forms in the previous big event (Final Crisis), so why couldn't poor Chester have been brought back in this event?
3. The resurrected series in January was a nice idea, but no "Sugar and Spike?" Really? Why is DC so out of touch with what the people want?
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