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Action Comics #984 : Revenge conclusion. I was already enjoying this arc a lot, but the appearance of Ursa and Lor-Zod at the end was a great surprise. (Has she been seen since dawn of the nu52? Seems like Faora has been the favored daughter since the Man of Steel movie). I suspect Lor-Zod won't be the nicer adopted Chris Kent he was pre-52, but he could become a great nemesis for Jon down the road. Glad to see the Zod family has been set up for some future stories as well. I think we also got a HUGE clue about the identity of Mr. Oz with the connection to the battle armor. And I suspect he's NOT Ozymandius.

Teen Titans #10: Ever since the Lazarus Contract, TT has kicked into high gear. Jackson has added some much needed energy to the book (although I wish they'd just make him a member and call him Aqualad already!) Black Manta's first meeting with his son also played out "nicely".

Flash #27: Running Scared conclusion. Great issue and overall great arc. Iris being the one to "pull the trigger" was a great twist, hearkening back to the Silver Age Trial of the Flash storyline where the outcome was the opposite.

Super Sons #6: Enjoyed the TT guest appearance, and Jon's first intro to them. Also loved the whole angle of Damien thinking he was training Jon (was he really?)

JLA #11: Another okay - but not great- issue. I am noticing a lot of the side players seem to be sticking around (like Lord Havok), so maybe Orlando is playing a long game with some of these seemingly incidental stories. While I like Ray, he does seem to be a bit whiny. Maybe Xenon will talk some sense into him. I suspect I know where that story is going. And finally we're getting some traction on the search for Ray Palmer!

Detective #961: More Azrael stuff (still not warming up to him), although the appearance of the Batzrael suit could be interesting. But still digging the Bruce/Zee flashbacks and really enjoyed the appearance of young(-er) Zatara. Considering Zatara's only been a dead footnote character for most of the last 25 years, it was nice seeing him in play.

Nightwing #25: Okay issue. Wasn't really heartbroken about the Dick/Shawn breakup as I can't say she's really grown on me. New Blockbuster was fun here, and I like the new take on him (not as cheesy as past iterations).

Green Lanterns #27: Great issue. Didn't see the time twist coming, but loved it when I saw it coming together.

Superman #27: Seemed like some online reviews didn't care for this story, but I actually liked it. I AM wondering though when Superman & Action will get the family moved out of Hamilton and into Metropolis, since Super-Sons already has them living there. They've been talking about it, but...get on with it already!

Justice League #25: Glad to see Hitch back. As I was bagging and boxing my stack of books this month, I realized he's had subs for the last 3-4 months. Mera was still around, so now we know the previous issue wasn't a meaningless one-off. I wish there was an explanation for the redheaded prisoner Batman talked to the whole issue. She was never once called by name or given a text box to explain. If she was from a previous issue, it's been too long and I didn't remember her. Ah well.

Green Arrow #27: I like how Ollie is building a relationship with the JLA throughout this story. I suspect there's a membership offer coming.

Batman #27 : Good installment. I've never really found the Riddler scary before (until here). Also, who knew the origin of Kite Man would bring a tear to my eye. I love it when a writer takes a Z-list character and actually crafts an intriguing story about them.
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Mr. Miracle #1 is the kind of comic I read this medium for. Moving and brilliant. Tom King is a star.
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Super Sons #6: Teen titans guest star. Robin ditches Superboy and he & his team don’t fare too well against a trio of villains, whose motivations remain unclear. Good issue.

Bombshells #’s 30-31: Tried this title out, couldn’t really get into it.

Scooby-Doo Team-Up #28: Fred tells a story about his great-great grandfather, who had a run-in with Jonah Hex. Pretty boring.

Looney Tunes #238: Lame.
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Mr. Miracle #1 is the kind of comic I read this medium for. Moving and brilliant. Tom King is a star.
Jake1823 View Post
Totally agree. Best new writer to come along since I don't know when. He has yet to fire a dud IMO and Mr. Miracle is amazing, writing and art. I LOVED the way the "Darkseid is" panels increased in frequency throughout the issue - such an effective tool.

So... what's happening in this book? Is Scott dead? Is Darkseid subtly altering reality and Scott's the only one who notices? Having the late night host be Godfrey is a pretty dead giveaway that something's not right, but Scott's at best an unreliable narrator.

Also - Metal #1 this week. Batman riding a dinosaur is not the craziest thing in the issue! So here's my question on that one - didn't occur to me until it was discussed on a podcast I like, but:

SPOILER. Highlight below text to read
Daniel is the grandson of the Golden Age Hawkman. Is that a coincidence, or is his appearance yet another tie to the Hawk-characters?

Really really loved the idea that the events of Return of Bruce Wayne were the catalyst that set all this in motion. Great start to this one.
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