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Old August 15th, 2009   thbriboy is offline   #1
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Default New Geoff Interview on IGN (plus November GL covers)


So, some things I'd like to point out:

-It seems we'll finally be seeing more of Vath and Isamot. I'm glad for this; so much effort was given to developing their relationship, and we haven't seen much of them since the Sinestro Corps War.

-Saint Walker's sporting the head-tail again! My theory is that between now and then, he'll somehow "grow" the head-tail. This would conform to the images seen in GL #25, while still allowing for his lack of head-tail in recent issues.

-Apparently, the female character Geoff was talking abot bringing to the front of the action was Mera. Cool; I've never really followed the Aqua-mythos, but I'm sufficiently intrigued.

-"Aquaman and Martian Manhunter should never go away. They're too important." Does this mean there's a possibility of them coming back as non-zombies when all is said and done?

-Favorite line of the interview (in regards to Black Rings): "Well, they're pretty powerful. There are very few things they can't affect. Magic is a joke to them. "


(Edit- could someone please post the GL and GLC covers? Or tell me how to do it? Thanks!)
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Old August 15th, 2009   asti2814 is offline   #2

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saint walker has the 'head-tail' already cos in rage of the red lanterns john chains 1 of his arms to it
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Old August 15th, 2009   Five is offline   #3
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I like the GLC cover. Vath and Isamot were characters that I really, really enjoyed and then they kind of dropped off the map besides making background appearances. Hopefully they kick ass during Blackest Night. I hope we see a lot of the Blue Lanterns and Agent Orange in the next couple issues of Green Lantern.
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Old August 15th, 2009   Vinny Piccolo is offline   #4
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Vinny Piccolo
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Don Hall's Story isn't done, eh?

Blue Lantern Avatar.
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Old August 15th, 2009   Wally West888 is offline   #5
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Well it looks like the Blue Lanterns are going to beat the Orange Lanterns, judging by the cover.

Anyways good interview, I just want to know when the Black Lanterns are going to get their asses kicked because I don't like them at all.

But how it seems like what Geoff said that J'onn and Arthur will probably come back after Blackest Night.

Also glad to see Vath and Isamot back but I hope they don't end up as Black Lanterns.
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Old August 15th, 2009   therealssjlink is offline   #6
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-Saint Walker's sporting the head-tail again! My theory is that between now and then, he'll somehow "grow" the head-tail. This would conform to the images seen in GL #25, while still allowing for his lack of head-tail in recent issues.
thbriboy View Post
Well, the tail probably wasn't made back in SCW BUT the new figure of Saint Walker ALSO looked like he had no tail....that is, until you looked at him from the side.

Also, look back at the prophesy image. A lot of the characters there are different than the characters we have now (especially blue lanterns).
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Old August 15th, 2009   Morpheus is offline   #7
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Saint Walker always had a tail, except of GL 25 where he was different- every B.L in that splash page was different.
Saint Walker always had his tail as we can also see in BL: Tales of the Corps issue 1.
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Old August 15th, 2009   Jslab425 is offline   #8
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Mera, Black Hand, Nekron, the original Dove...its so awesome to have a writer that knows and respect the history of the DCU and is able to take under utilized characters and make them a part of new and interesting stories!

Who else would you like to see spotlighted by GJ?

I have 2: the original Black Orchid and the 2nd Rose and the Thorn from Superman Family.
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Old August 15th, 2009   Vad Varo is offline   #9
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Vad Varo

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Don Hall, one of the last remaining "death" from Crisis on Infinite Earths that hasn't been resurrected and darn it, is gonna stay that way!

Perhaps he has the super power of actually staying in the great beyond Stronger than Rama Kushna, faster than the black flash, able to make the Spectre green with envy!...look down in the ground, it's, it's...Dove 1!
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